A Case for the Biermann
March 19, 2010 Lee "Monkeee" Fitzgerald Admin/Staff Writer Falconsroost.com
        In 2008 the Atlanta Falcons were in a shambles. After all they had been through as an organization, a team, a fan base during the previous 12 months. They needed to rebuild….. again. Sadly most Falcons fans have heard it all before. Well Arthur Blank had work to do. He had to rebuild his organization. He needed a new GM, HC, a franchise QB, some offensive weapons and a lot of holes to fill on defense. What is a billionaire to do?

By now it’s well known that Arthur hired 1st-time GM – Thomas Dimitroff and 1st-time HC – Mike Smith. In their first ever draft as GM & HC they drafted a franchise QB (#3 pick Matt Ryan, BC) an OT to help protect his blindside (#21 pick Sam Baker, USC) a new MLB (#37 Curtis Lofton, OK) and a WR (#84 pick Harry Douglas, Louisville) . The Falcons had a total of 11 picks in 2008. They needed help on defense. Especially at DE since Jamaal Anderson wasn’t turning out to be the player the previous GM thought. However the Falcons only had picks left in the 5th, 6th and 7th rounds. Most of the time players chosen in the later rounds (5-7) rarely ‘make it’ so the GM/scouts/HC have to do their jobs diligently to try and find a diamond in the rough or a sleeper pick. One of those ‘sleeper’ picks for the Falcons was their second 5th round pick (#154) DE Kroy Biermann from the University of Montana Grizzlies.

What’s so ‘sleeper’ about Kroy anyway?

Kroy Biermann is a native of Hardin, Montana where he went to Hardin High School. While there, Kroy lettered 8 times (3 – football, 3 – wrestling, 2 – track). After graduation he attended the University of Montana where he continued to excel at football. Kroy finished 2nd All-Time in ‘Tackles for Loss’ (45) and ‘Sacks’ (32) for the Montana Grizzlies. He was a finalist for (2006) and the Winner of (2007) the Buck Buchanan Award which is awarded to the Defensive Player of the year in the FCS by the Sports Network. Kroy earned All-American honors in both 2006 and 2007. He earned the 2007 Big Sky Conference Defensive MVP as well as numerous team awards.

As a Rookie for the Atlanta Falcons Kroy appeared in all 16 regular season games where he finished with 14 tackles of which 11 were solo tackles and 2 sacks. On 11-30-2008 in San Diego, CA in a game versus the Chargers Kroy Biermann got his first career NFL sack. Later that season he played in his first career NFL post-season game against the Arizona Cardinals where he had 2 tackles and one pass defensed.

In his second season as an Atlanta Falcon Kroy played in all 16 games and started in 2 of those. He finished the season with 38 tackles, 5.o sacks, 1 FF (forced fumble), 1 FR (fumble recovery) and 1 FR-TD. Great numbers for a second year DE (from a FCS school) who only started in 2 NFL games. Oh yeah I almost forgot about these stats……. 3 – KO’s for 179 yards or an average of 59.7 yards and a return average of 14.3 yards. Yes, Kroy is a double-edged sword. He'll kickoff to your returner and then punish him. Afterwards he'll force his way through your O-Line and sack your quarterback on 3rd and long. Now THAT is impressive!

Kroy is quickly not only becoming an integral part of the Atlanta Falcons defense he is also becoming one of the Falcons fans favorites. Kroy “The Beerman” Biermann is truly one of the fans favorites on the Atlanta Falcons team. Not only for his successes on the field and the energy he brings to his team but for his willingness to be available to his fans. He has built quite a following on his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/biermann71) . You will also see #71 Biermann or “BeerMan” jerseys on gameday at tailgates and in the Ga. Dome.

Recently we here at the Falconsroost.com (www.falconsroost.com) were fortunate enough to be able to have a Q & A interview with Kroy Biermann via e-mail correspondence. Kroy has been very busy this off-season training at Exclusive Sports Group in Indianapolis so we weren’t able to catch up with him at Flowery Branch. I’d like to thank Allie Pantaleoni VP of Operations at ESBL Sports Management, for this opportunity.

The following 20 questions were gathered from our members at www.falconsroost.com. Some serious, some fun.
FR - Falconsroost Member        KB - Kroy Biermann
FR (Mike Moore) -    Are you aware of the huge following that has grown around you over your young career?

KB -    I think I still have a long way to go, but with everyone joining me at facebook.com/biermann71 I am starting to see a lot of fans. It is great to be able to interact with everyone.

FR (ettsn) -    Which did you enjoy more: your first NFL sack or your first NFL touchdown?

KB -    That is a tough one. Sacks are something in my job description, so I was pumped when I got that first one. That touchdown was being in the right place at the right time. I don’t know how many more of those I will get in my career, so I have to cherish that.

FR (guy0nthec0uch) -    How has John Abraham helped you come along as a pass rusher?

KB -    He is an amazing talent. Watching him on film as well as on the field has really helped me come along. He deserves all the praise he can get.

FR (SCFalconfan) -    What are the aspects of your game that you feel you need to work on the most?

KB -    Obviously at my position getting to the quarterback is the number one goal. I need to continue watching film and really study the intricacies of great pass rushers. As much strength and speed goes into it, there is also a lot of thinking. Putting them all into play at once is my number one goal.

FR (redbird) -    Would you prefer to be a DE in a 4-3 or an OLB in a 3-4 (which I personally think would be your best position)?

KB -    I feel where I am right now is a great fit for me. Love the team and what we have going on. I am a guy who wants to play football. Whether it is in the 3-4 or 4-3, I will be there.

FR (falcomaniac) -    What is your immediate post strength-training “meal”?

KB -    Currently I get my food from www.thefreshdiet.com , they have an excellent set of menus that really blend well with my training. They spread out my high calorie and low calorie meals around my training. Immediately after I am training, I eat one of those meals. They taste excellent, and I have become leaner and stronger in the time I have started eating them.

FR (PreyDawg) -    Several DE’s are combining martial arts or boxing into their training regimen for an advantage in the hand fighting that takes place along the line. Have you worked on any of this? Is this common practice for players?

KB -    I have heard of some guys around the league doing this. Anyway, there is so much cross-training that goes on that integrating new ways to work your body is crucial to stay competitive. Whether it is the martial arts type stuff or different hand-eye coordination drills, anything to get an edge is ideal. I have not worked any martial arts stuff into my workouts, but I do work on a lot of agility and footwork drills.

FR (Monkeee) -    How did it feel to kickoff in an NFL game even though you are a Defensive End?

KB -    That was fun! I was nervous. Rarely are you ever the center of attention at D-End, so I kind of felt as if I was on an island out there. I am decently confidant in my kicking game. Even though I have not done it since high school, it turned out okay.

FR (MrFalconnCobb) -    What other position(s) would you like to play if you could?

KB -    I have always loved defense, so anywhere on that side of the ball works for me.

FR (Jammer) -    Who is your least favorite player to play against?

KB -    There are so many good offensive tackles in the league so it is tough to choose. The faster tackles are always tougher for me, but the veteran guys are smart and usually know how to play you just right.

FR (SCFalconfan) -    What is the biggest adjustment coming from a FCS school to the NFL?

KB -    The speed of the game, and the amount of time it takes. We are at the facility for 12 hours a day during the season, and then go home and watch more film. To be great, you have to take it serious and think of it as a job.

FR -(OrlandoFalcon)    Do you feel you are ready for the starting role?
KB -    I would love to start, but I know there are some great players on the team in front of me. I just continue to go out and work hard.

FR (MrFalconCobb) -    If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

KB -    I have always thought it would be interesting to be a Navy SEAL or a doctor. Kind of opposite ends of the spectrum, but those two fields interest me.

FR (ettsn)     When you need to “get away from it all”, what does that usually entail?

KB -    I love to hunt and fish in Montana. It is so peaceful and quiet. It is definitely my escape.

FR (Monkeee) -    I’m a Div. 1-AA (FCS, whatever ?) fan and I root for Georgia Southern (GO BLUE!) in the Southern Conference and our most hated rival is Furman. Who is Univ. of Montana Grizzlies most hated rival inside the Big Sky Conference?

KB -    Montana State. It is a nasty rivalry up there.

FR (FalconNorth & VNN4HOF) -    What is the favorite beer of “The Beer Man”?

KB -    I can do whatever, but a good Coors Light is always nice.

FR (FalconBob) -    Paris Hilton or Jennifer Anniston?

KB -    Jennifer Anniston.

FR (MrFalconCobb) -    Coke or Pepsi?

KB -    Atlanta is the home of Coke, so I am going with Coke.

FR (Samedamnfalcons) -    Tastes Great or less Filling?

KB -    Tastes Great….I eat too much to not be full.

FR (Jammer) -    How many ‘Beerman’ jokes have you heard?

KB -    A ton, but they are all in fun and I do like hearing them.

Well that about wraps it up. Kroy thanks for taking the time to talk to us and answer our questions. I hope we can do this again sometime soon. We look forward to watching you grow and become one of the NFL’s premier Defensive ends. Now go get back to training and bring us home a Lombardi Trophy.

Once again a big Thanks goes out to Allie Pantaleoni (VP of Operations for ESBL Sports Management) for making this happen.

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